Star Wars Battlefront – Space requirements revealed

One week – and a few more hours – remain until the launch of this year’s DICE shooter‘s release. The Frostbite 3-using Star Wars Battlefront is going to hit the shelves and the digital distribution platforms on November 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, so it was about time to get some answers about the HDD space requirements.
Thankfully, you don’t have to free up 70-80 gigs to play the game (like with Destiny) on your PlayStation 4‘s hard drive. It’s official that the PC Origin release will need 27 gigabytes, followed by the PlayStation 4‘s requirement of 23 and the Xbox One‘s 19 gigs, respectively.

This doesn’t look that dangerous: honestly, we expected the game to take at least 35-40 gigabytes in its final format.
How much will Star Wars Battlefront be able to keep the non-Star Wars fans come back and play the game? There are quite huge bars for this game to hit, because Electronic Arts expects this game to be sold in 13 million copies by March 31. 2016. That’s really unlikely to happen, but… we’ll see eventually.

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