Surprise, the PlayStation 4 got the 3.11 firmware

Sony did not announce anything in advance, they silently worked on and released the 3.11 firmware for the PlayStation 4. That’s all fine and dandy, but does it have some major updates in services or something?

„Stability improvements.” So it’s more of the same again. Then pray tell, why is this firmware 790 megabytes? Don’t ask us, we cannot answer your question… but we are really hopeful about the future of the PlayStation 4. We’re not talking about the possibility of a newer, stronger model (this would just split the players), and we’re obviously not thinking of implementing a new Blu-ray drive to play higher storage discs (that however would be a great move), we’re talking about the recent survey about the upcoming 4.00 system update. If the community says that they want to see PlayStation 2 classics appear to play them on our PS4 – something similar to the PS3-PS1 duo -, then it might happen. We have no results of this survey yet.

So go turn on your PS4s, there’s a new firmware.

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