Fallout 4: Framerate issues on both consoles [VIDEO]

We’ve been waiting for Fallout 4 a very long time, but sadly, this post-apocalyptic RPG has some framerate issues. According to DigitalFoundry’s tests, while the Xbox One version has somewhat smoother combat scenes, sometimes it just stutters, or even worse, it pauses for an entire second to load. And then, we didn’t even mention the loading times: getting in or out of a building can take 24 seconds to load.

Bethesda isn’t really good at optimizing the game, because while both consoles run the game on 1080p, the framerate never goes above 30 fps, in fact, it drops below more often than not. Even some of the early bird players have uploaded videos of the slow framerate: the second video below shows a combat scene from the PS4 version – it has some harsh framedrops. Jesus!

Fallout 4 will be patched soon (this is pretty much a tradition nowadays…), so hopefully, you can get used to this framedroppage in case you own the game already. If not, well… better wait a day or two. The game still looks very promising going by just the gameplay.

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