Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition – This is just the beginning

Darksiders II‘s current generation port is already available on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and interestingly on the PC too. The Deathinitive Edition – which we already reviewed, you can read our review here – could have been better than what it is, because there is really no reason why this game runs on just 30 frames per second. Nordic Games doesn’t leave its franchise behind: they bought it from THQ for a good reason: they are planning the sequel. Reinhard Pollice, Nordic’s executive producer talked about this on Steam’s forums.

He thinks that the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse will return soon, although in 2014 May, there were nothing on the board about this. Pollice says that II’s current-gen port was just the beginning to reignite the interest in the franchise and getting the community back together, making this name heard yet again. (So this is why was the port as it is…?) They can get the attention with it to hype up everyone for the third game.

Let this happen then – we’d really appreciate Darksiders III!

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