Resident Evil 2 Remake: Capcom has something extremely promising for us

Capcom starts to focus more and more on their veteran – almost two-decade old – franchise Resident Evil. While 6’s current-gen port is seemingly in progress – if we can believe the South Korean rating -, 0’s HD version is very close to being finished – it’s going to drop in January 2016 -, they also work on 2’s remake as well. Invaders Games believe that Capcom has something very promising in their hands.

Invaders Games is the team who began working on a Resident Evil 2 HD remake with Unreal Engine 4, until Capcom announced their remake, forcing the Italian crew to stop their development. Still, the two groups keep in touch with each other – in fact, Invaders Games visited Capcom‘s headquarters. They saw the progress on 2’s remake, and while they can’t say a lot about what they have seen, they believe Capcom has huge promise in their hands. Invaders Games will also be credited in the game’s credits!

The question is, what actually will be new and improved in the gameplay. We can’t wait for the new details, but Capcom, please, don’t make it an action-based shooter like 5 was!

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    That’s… pretty cool, good work capcom

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