Is Rockstar developing Red Dead Redemption 2?

Another case of rumours happening, folks. It seems like Rockstar is silently developing the famous Red Dead Redemption‘s sequel. However, this time around, a former Rockstar-employee, namely Danny Ross talked about it on Reddit. Although, it wasn’t a direct comment.

He was asked about what Rockstar is currently working on. His response is suspicious: Really, Dumbass? Two. Read the first letters: RDR, and Two = 2. That means it might be RDR2, aka Red Dead Redemption 2! Of course, it’s not an official announcement but consider the fact that several Take-Two studios are working on new projects, whether they are new IPs or sequels. (Like Mafia III.)

There’d be interest for a new Red Dead Redemption game because it managed to sell over 14 million copies total on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in a little more than five years – the game originally launched in May 2010. It’s not weak sales figures. Rockstar talked about this game several times already, but never mentioning officially that RDR2 is in progress. But now, given how a former Rockstar-employee mentions it, it might be very suspicious, isn’t it?

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