DiRT Rally – Are the console ports already in development?

DiRT Rally is currently a PC-exclusive title on Steam. This Early Access Codemasters game was previously mentioned by us as well because there were talks about possibly porting the game to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One after finishing its PC version, which is easily turning out to be one of the best recent rally games. (We’ll see how it fare against WRC 6 and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo in 2016, though. Can’t expect the game to be done this year.)

However, it seems like Codemasters are already porting the game behind the scenes to the current generation consoles if we can believe the Taiwanese Gameratings.org entry. Why shouldn’t we trust them? After all, this site leaked the existence of Grow Home coming to the PS4, as well as Zombi U’s port to the PS4/X1/PC triumvirate under the title „Zombi”.

Don’t worry, rally simulator fans: you will very likely get your annual dose in 2016. DiRT Rally is very promising even in its current state. It might be a hardcore sim, making it this generation’s Richard Burns Rally. (Speaking of, it’s a surprise that this game didn’t get a port.)

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