The second DOOM alpha test just got dated!

DOOM is slowly, but steadily is progressing towards completion under the wings of id Software. After canning Doom 4 a few years ago, the restarted project – which is now utilizing the new id Tech 6 engine – already had an alpha testing session back in October. However, the second one is about to start!

In fact, it’s going to happen in just mere hours: the second alpha test is going to start on December 4, 3 AM GMT/December 3, 10 PM Eastern. It’s going to end on December 7, 5 AM GMT/December 6, 11:59 PM Eastern, with a burst test happening on Saturday, 9 PM GMT/4 PM Eastern. All three platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC) will participate in this testing.

To participate, you must have had your Wolfenstein: The New Order‘s included beta code registered. In case you prefer digital, if you bought that game before May 26, 2014, you are also eligible for this alpha test. You better check your emails and your PlayStation 4‘s, if you are eligible.

We think that despite having some Quake-ish touches in the gameplay, the first alpha absolutely reminded us of the classic 90’s style of Doom. That’s good.

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  1. Rachel Fenton says:

    Fantastic! I love this style so much!

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