An open world Star Wars RPG? No, forget about that!

The Star Wars franchise is very popular nowadays. We all have heard about the seventh movie – The Force Awakens – directed by J. J. Abrams, as well as the latest Star Wars game – Battlefront – developed by EA/DICE. However, there was an unofficial game concept as well – it was on Kickstarter. There is a reason we used the past tense, though!

On Kickstarter, this project reaped 18325 dollars out of 200000 before Devin Tripp, the creator of this Kickstarter campaign stopped it entirely. He talked about three things in his last post. The first one was a question, „You truly want to see some be in debt for the rest of their life because they had a dream for a video game that they never created. Very selfish, and very ironic.” Just because Disney didn’t develop a game like this? His second point: he stopped the campaign himself – Disney didn’t come to him with a „cease and desist” order, in fact, Devin states that he respects this company a lot. His final point was just criticizing his grammar.

Who knows, maybe the PlayStation 4 would have taken a game like this perfectly. Let’s hope Electronic Arts considers an open world RPG!

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  1. What if EA start to develop a Star Wars RPG? It would be cool!

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