Assassin’s Creed movie: Shooting’s done!

By the end of this year, we will see another game franchise step out to the cinemas, although it’s still some eleven months away from the debut. Still, Ubisoft‘s movie‘s shooting just finished last night. Now comes the post-production phase, which does take some time if you want quality. You can see the green screen on the image below, which means there will be some CG backgrounds used here and there – that’s alright, this isn’t an easy franchise to make a film out of.

This announcement was made by Azaïza Aymar, the Head of Content of Assassin’s Creed on Twitter – why shouldn’t we believe Azaïza? Michael Fassbender is guaranteed to be in the movie as Callum Lynch, but there’s also going to be a female Assassin – we wrote about that earlier.

To see the 15th-century Spanish lands, we will have to wait until December 21 – that’s when the film directed by Justin Kurzel will launch. If the movie is going to have a great soundtrack to accompany the visuals, the ambience is going to be excellent. We’ll have to see the movie ourselves to judge it, though…

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