Vivendi quit Activision Blizzard entirely

Vivendi and Activision announced their merger at the end of 2007, forming Activision Blizzard, a new giga-company – the main stakeholder was Vivendi in it, but they slowly started to drop their stakes from the summer of 2013. Vivendi didn’t need much time to start this all over with other gaming companies.

Last autumn they began to buy stakes in fellow French companies, namely Ubisoft and Gameloft. However, we can just imagine why Vivendi decided to leave Activision Blizzard behind. While it might be farfetched, it can be because of Destiny to some extent: according to September data, there are 20 million players playing this game, but the question is that how many of them are active players that usually sit down to relax with Destiny quite often? Maybe it’s because Vivendi‘s boss Vincent Bolloré got bored with his old toy?

We can also guess when he’ll pull off the UbisoftGameloft move, as Vivendi regularly raises their stake in both companies. It’s going to happen eventually.

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