H1Z1 (ex-Bioware!) producer: „The PS4 version is still in progress!”

Daybreak Game Company has been running H1Z1 in early access state for several months. The game is going to be a sandbox survival MMO. The developers’ current name might not say a lot, but if we reveal that they were formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, Daybreak’s name is instantly getting a different kind of spotlight.

H1Z1 was mentioned by Chris Wynn on Twitter… wait a second! This is the same Chris Wynn who left Bioware! He announced that he’s now the executive producer of H1Z1. That is a somewhat brave move to do, but we wish him the best. He says that news about the PlayStation 4 version of this zombie apocalypse adventure will come soon! No idea on the release date but seeing how H1Z1 is still in just early access, it’s not going to happen soon.

H1Z1 will be free-to-play when it launches. It would be a huge failure for Daybreak not to be able to port it over to Sony‘s console especially remembering the team’s past!

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