Starfield: Everything we Learned About the May Update [VIDEO]

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield is set to receive a major patch (1.11.33) in May, which will be released for the Xbox series and PC within days, ahead of the Shattered Space expansion.


Bethesda will also add an Earth vehicle to explore the planets, there will be official mod support, and many bug fixes in the update, which is now available in beta, while it will be released for the rest of the Xbox Series and PC users on May 15. Then we’ll have to wait until the fall when Shattered Space will be released on Microsoft’s two consoles and PC.

You can now choose between 30, 40, 60 or an uncapped frame rate on VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) displays. If you do not have a VRR display running at 120hz, you will still be able to select 30 or 60. Selecting 60 on a non-VRR display can sometimes cause the screen to tear. You can now prioritize between visuals and performance while trying to maintain the frame rate target.

If you select a frame rate target of 60 or higher, it’s recommended that you change it to Performance. Prioritizing Visuals keeps the highest resolution while maintaining full detail for special effects, lighting, and crowds. Prioritizing Performance reduces internal resolution and detail for special effects, lighting, and crowds. Both modes can also dynamically adjust internal resolution as scenes or action become more intense. When switching between modes, you will see a brief change in lighting as the system catches up to the new mode.

The developers have made some big improvements to the interface maps so you’ll always know where you’re going and never get lost. You can customize your experience with brand new options in the Settings menu. For example, you can make ground combat harder and ship combat easier. As mentioned earlier, you can now decorate your ships, just like you can with outposts. You can manage your inventory more easily by using the tabs on the container menus, you can change your traits and appearance after entering the unit, and there’s also a dialog camera toggle in the settings.

Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series. The update is in beta and will roll out to everyone on May 15th.

Source: WCCFTech, Bethesda

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