Rumor – Star Wars: Imperial Commando announcement at E3?

On Reddit, a very detailed and informative rumor surfaced about a new Star Wars game. Electronic Arts has the license, so unsurprisingly they’re working on this. However, according to this person, the Star Wars games might get a new king if all these information below aren’t lies.

This game would be called Star Wars: Imperial Commando, the sequel to 2005’s Republic Commando. There will be a website that will require a login. If you type the username of the clone troopers’ names and a random password, you will see the game’s logo and a countdown to E3. Then, EA‘s E3 presentation would have a roughly three-minute long trailer. Now, let’s get into the bullet point list of the details…

  • The release will be at November 2017.
  • It will be released for Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo NX and PC.
  • The engine will be FrostBite. SW:IC will use FrostBite 4.
  • The main focus will be on the campaign, but it will have CoD-like multiplayer. (small maps, fast paced, etc)
  • Coop. SW:IC will deliver the best experience when played by 4 players.
  • Each player has unique gadgets and features. The leader (RC-1138) can give orders to the others.
  • The HUD and the helmet-view will even be more important than in Republic Commando.
  • There will be vehicles, only in some few parts of the game (Halo-like).
  • Environment will mostly be destructible and take effect on the world (Shoot some glass in space = everything will get sucked out)
  • Since it’s mostly a story driven game, it will have a huge campaign and a lot of planets in the universe (+20hours).
  • There will be an app which can be used as a second screen (like the Fallout 4 Pip-boy) for gadgets/weapons/radar.


If these are all legit information, Electronic Arts will have an outstanding Star Wars game for us next year!


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  1. Jason Hogan says:


    • Jason Hogan says:

      I dont think you realize, how much people enjoyed the first game, so give us more games you can make more money!, you got too understand on how much Republic Commando was my “A” game back then. And i sure wish too see my favorite game come back stronger and way better. Were all countin on you EA please dont make us disappoint…

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