Sony USM-CA1 – Fast data transfer for everyone

Sony can provide us one thing with USB Type-C: extremely fast data transfer. The first generation USB 3.1 CA series has both the Type-C and the Type-A ports. It can be as fast as 130 megabytes per second for reading speeds – you can even copy a dual-layer Blu-ray disc during a coffee break, if you have to. Mobile phones, tablets, Android and Mac devices are all supported by this device.

The two ports mean a wider support: in case your device doesn’t support the faster C connection, you can still plug it in via the slower but still fast A port. If we add that the USM-CA1 has a slim and easy-to-use design, you don’t even have to think about getting a protection case for it. You can consider it as a general backup hard drive, as you can plug it to pretty much everything. This means your files will not get stuck on one platform.

The USM-CA1 will have three versions: a sixteen, a thirty-two and a sixty-four gigabyte-sized model, available from February.

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