John Romero works on a new „ground breaking” FPS!

With Daikatana, Romero failed big time and history might repeat itself. John Romero, one of the key figures behind Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, opened his studio called Romero Games a few years ago. Romero now announced that he’s working on a brand new FPS.

He said, „I don’t want to talk about it because it’s a cool idea, it’s a unique idea. I’ve never seen a game like it. I’m excited to start making it because it’s just a great idea. Instead of just pumping out game after game after game, it’s like waiting to come up with something that’s unique, that no-one’s seen before, and enables you to make something that you hope will be amazing. So, we’ll see. It’s got a pretty cool fiction around it. It’s got an interesting story.”

It’s a bold comment but don’t forget, Daikatana was also hyped similarly two decades ago (with a harsh marketing campaign to boot), so unless he has an idea to revolutionize the genre, we should take his words with a grain of salt.

We’re waiting for more details.

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