World of Tanks: Over a million!

World of Tanks hit a respectable record in a short time. The free-to-play MMO needed only five days to achieve one million downloads on PlayStation 4! Mind you, World of Tanks is not an AAA title, so we cannot ignore the amount of downloads.

This game is one of those free-to-play titles that can break the prejudice of „F2P = Pay-to-win” thought. It’s rare to see an MMO to have a decent start as WoT on consoles. Wargaming is on the right path: after the Xbox 360 and Xbox One launches, finally a Sony console got the tank MMO, which originated on the PC in 2011.

World of Tanks generated over 300 million dollars of revenue in 2015, so not only the free-to-play model is a success, but it also means the game won’t disappear anytime soon.

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