TWD Michonne: We Shall Give No Shelter Either – When Exactly? [VIDEO]

WARNING! The video below the article contains spoilers from the first episode! (You can read our review here.)

Let’s face it; The Walking Dead Michonne‘s first episode wasn’t stunning. Telltale can do much better than that. It didn’t have that certain ambiance that caught our attention a few years ago. However, as the series isn’t over yet – in fact, it just started – we’ll give the developers the benefit of doubt and allow them to try again.

We can check out the result soon, as Telltale finally gave a concrete launch day for the second Michonne episode (called Give No Shelter). March 29 on almost everything except your toaster: PS4, PS3, X1, X360, PC, Mac, iOS, Android platforms will receive the game.

Michonne, Pete, and Sam will fight for their survival in the middle of the trilogy – how will Telltale get the story down? We’ll see it in two weeks. Tales from the Borderlands also started out slowly, but it ended up a great game. We’re hoping the same thing for Michonne‘s story, too.

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