Iron Man 4 is not happening according to Robert Downey Jr.

MOVIE NEWS – Even though he immortalized the Iron Man character by taking his role in three “Iron Man” movies, two “Avengers” films and will be doing again in “Captain America: Civil War,” recent updates affirmed that Robert Downey Jr. will not be returning as the iconic character for “Iron Man 4”.

The last three “Iron Man” movies are said to made millions of dollars at the box office with “Iron Man 3” even crossing the billion-dollar mark. Still, despite all this, fans will not be seeing Robert Downey Jr. taking his role as Iron Man again. Thanks to Iron Man Robert is one of the most sought after A-listers in the industry.

Ever since he has begun to play Iron Man, he has been named the highest paid actor for at least two times in a row and has gained a fan following amongst all age groups. So with him not reprising the role in “Iron Man 4,” comes as a huge surprise.

Earlier reports too stated that some negotiations were going on between Marvel and Robert Downey Jr., and the latter was asking for a hefty sum to reprise his role again. Rumored to be demanding $100 million to reprise the role in “Iron Man 4,” Marvel wanted to give a thought about paying Robert the said amount.

As of now, when Marvel is willing to pay $100 million to him, it is being reported that Robert Downey Jr. is said to have grown tired and weary of the franchise and thinks he will be too old to put on the suit again. Just last year Marvel announced that they would be releasing about 11 movies until 2019 as a part of their Phase 3 of MCU in addition to three more films in 2020. Details about the three 2020 releases are not known, but many believe one of them could be “Iron Man 4.”

So if Robert Downey Jr. were to undertake another solo “Iron Man” movie, it would only be in 2020, putting “Iron Man 4” against its rival studio DC’s “The Batman,” which is also scheduled for a 2020 release.

Morning Ledger further reported that Robert has wanted to let go of the Stark persona since 2013 and if he were to play Iron Man again in “Iron Man 4,” he would very well be in his mid-fifties while his other co-stars would be in the mid or late thirties. It remains to be seen if “Iron Man 4” sees a place for itself in Marvel Cinematic Universe or not.

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