This Is How Mass Effect Andromeda Looked like In 2014! [VIDEO]

Despite Electronic Arts rapidly removing AllGamesDelta’s video off from Dailymotion, we saved it for you – good luck trying to delete it from our hard drives, EA! This video is a tech demo, presenting the new effects and additions. Despite being only a single minute long, it does show how much new technical extras did the game have two years ago.

Also, since it’s from 2014, Bioware must have improved/updated multiple things seen in the small clip below. They mainly present graphical effects. Rain, fog, pollen plumes, jetpacks, explosions, so Mass Effect Andromeda is shown to us from a technical perspective. Thankfully, there’s also some gameplay as well. The game was likely running on a PC, but who knows?

Hopefully, Bioware will get through April without seeing any of its staff leaving. They weren’t able to do so in 2016’s first three months, so the „trend” may continue…

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