Why Will PlayStation VR Launch In October?

Previously – before Sony officially revealed the details about their upcoming VR headset – rumors were about that PSVR would be available from the spring months. However, it’s now been explained why Sony decided to push the launch of their VR campaign back (!) by half a year.

They didn’t delay the PSVR release because they needed time for developing hardware or software (although developers always appreciate extra development time!) – instead, Sony makes us wait so they can manufacture enough headsets!

You read that correctly; Sony did have lower expectations for the PSVR, and they didn’t want to have nothing to provide the retailers with to have a headset for every customer in the autumn.

Whose comment was this? Well, it’s none other than Masayasu Ito yet again! He talked about the PSVR to Nikkei. At least, there will be enough headsets, and the launch titles might be better than they originally could have been.

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