Druckmann: “We Haven’t Worked On The Last Of Us Film For 1.5 Years”!

Naughty Dog. While they are hyping up Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to the max (which we will start to ignore until the game’s finally out), we need to take a look at The Last of Us, too. Neil Druckmann, director of TLoU, talked about some plans.

Druckmann’s interview to IGN had that while they had a table read of The Last of Us film‘s script, no other work has been done ever since. It happened one and a half years ago, so the project is now in development hell. (Same for the Uncharted movie, let’s not dive into that deeper…) We already know that The Last Of Us’ cinematic adaptation will not exactly follow the game’s plot, although it will take its tone. Director? No idea. Producer? Sam Raimi, Spider-Man-veteran is rumored. Speaking of rumors, Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame is likely to be Ellie in the movie.

Druckmann also mentioned The Last of Us 2: as soon as they finish up work on Uncharted 4 DLCs, they will take a look at their existing prototypes and decide where to go from there. (Which means they might begin further development shortly.)

Hopefully, neither Naughty Dog movies will end up in the trash bin.

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