A PlayStation Employee Helps Gamer With CP!

Not everyone can just grab their DualShocks and play the games in their free time. One player has this exact issue. Thankfully, one PlayStation employee took the problem into his hands, and he came up with an astonishing solution.

Peter Byrne suffers from cerebral palsy. Because of this disease, he’s not able to play with a DualShock 4 as his left hand constantly ends up on the touchpad, pausing his game, not allowing Byrne to play without interrupting the game. He wrote a letter to PlayStation, which got a response!

Alex Nawabi, who works at retail marketing operations, took his own time and made a unique DualShock 4 specially made for Byrne. This DS4 has the touchpad disabled, and its function is now available via a button on the back. As Nawabi writes in his response mail below, he took over ten hours and three controllers to come up with a solution. He’s waiting for Byrne’s feedback to use that information for making a second, backup controller.

Byrne admittedly choked up in happiness while reading the response – he never expected Sony to help him out this way. After all, Sony has human employees as any other company – they can help people with disabilities, too!


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