Sean Bean is DOOMED! He Dies Everywhere – Even In DOOM… [VIDEO]

Last week had two major games launch: Uncharted 4 came in Tuesday, followed by a Friday the 13th arrival of id Software‘s DOOM, making one of the biggest FPS franchises from the 90s return.

Of course, id has hidden multiple easter eggs in their game – remember John Romero in DOOM 2? The new game has different references. For example, the base’s casualties has one of them. You can see a list of names at one place, and if you wait enough, you’ll see Sean Bean. This actor became known for his exaggarated deaths that also got video game adaptations. No wonder id managed to hide South Park’s Kenny of the actors in their latest game!

They also put a Terminator 2 reference in. If you fall in lava, you will die in short time unless you get out. If you don’t, our hero will perform a clever animation that relates to James Cameron‘s movie! We never expected this easter egg!

DOOM also caught the attention of multiple people in the industry, including Cliffy B. Cliff Bleszinszki, designer of Gears of War, also enjoys the game, although his minor complaint is the focus on the executions – he has the same problem with Gears of War, too.

Not every game is perfect, plus the developers cannot make everyone happy after all…


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