Nintendo? How About Filmtendo?

Sony has presented their full-fledged animation movie adaptation of Ratchet & Clank last month. This movie might have been an inspiration to Nintendo, who came out with an unexpected announcement.

Nintendo expects to see a movie complete in two or three years! Their CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima talked about their latest entry to the cinema in his most recent interview. No concrete plans yet, but they are seriously considering a movie. The CEO would fast track production, which would mostly be in-house. They have tried multiple times in the past: their 1993 cinematic adaptation of Super Mario Bros. was a flop, but they did succeed with Pokémon (The Pokémon Company is partially owned by the N), and Pikmin Short Movies is another example. Donkey Kong showed up in Pixels, and there were Nintendo characters in Wreck-It-Ralph, too. The Japanese don’t seem to be closing themselves away from movies.

Good luck, then – we would appreciate if Metroid received a cinematic adaptation in the form of an animated movie.


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