An Arm, Inspired By Metal Gear Solid V! [VIDEO]

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launched in September by Konami and Kojima Productions, which ceased to exist in its original form already. In it, Big Boss had a bionic arm. This was an inspiration to someone, and we can see the results of it!

James Young had a train accident, which resulted in him losing his arm and leg. He didn’t leave himself in that state – he’s a player, and for that, you need to have two arms. BBC has created a two-part documentary about the prosthetic arm from conception until Young wearing it in public. Sophie De Oliveira’s design cost over 100 thousand dollars. This is the Phantom Limb project!

The prosthetic arm – while it is far from perfect – was noticeably inspired by Metal Gear Solid V. If you have a spare thirty minutes, you should check out the documentary below. This might be our future – we might end up in Deus Ex.

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