Take-Two: GTA Remaster? There’s One Condition!

Yesterday, we heard Crytek saying that they aren’t ruling out the possibility of remastering the first Crysis on PS4 and X1. Now, Take-Two is talking about the chance of them publishing a remastered Grand Theft Auto – they mean the PS2 titles: GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas.

Take-Two is the parent company of Rockstar, and for the question that asked how much of a possibility is out there to see a modernized PS2 GTA title, the answer was „we wouldn’t rule it out, but it wouldn’t be made just for a few bucks.” We have seen somewhat pointless current-gen ports recently, like ArcaniA’s or Risen 3’s 2015 re-release.

Take Two‘s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, says „We wouldn’t do anything that’s not going to look great creatively. The starting point is, ‘Is this going to delight customers, is this going to look good?’ You know that we’re a company that is not driven first and foremost by ‘Can we create revenue this way?’ We would start by saying, ‘Will this be exciting to consumers, will they be happy with it, will it reflect well on our brand, will it reflect well on our company? And if the answer is yes, then it may well be a compelling opportunity.”

GTA V had 65 million copies shipped, and Rockstar will announce new games soon. Take-Two and Rockstar aren’t in a bad shape, right?

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