Capcom Prepares Limited PlayStation 4s Yet Again?!

Capcom seems to be enjoying making limited PlayStation 4s. They released no less than four models for Street Fighter V back in February in Japan. Can you say overkill?

They are doing it yet again: another Capcom game is going to get four limited PS4s. If it were Resident Evil 7, which is rumored to be announced at E3, we would understand their decision, especially if the game goes back to its horror roots. But no; instead, the spinoff, Umbrella Corps gets PS4 LEs in Japan.

They will be available in Jet Black and Glacier White, with 500 GB or 1 TB hard drives. The smaller HDD version will cost 38980 JPY (~350 USD) while the larger one’s price will be 43980 JPY (~400 USD). All bundles will have a dynamic theme and a special packaging art, but no game included – this move makes zero sense.

Umbrella Corps, as well as these bundles, are out on June 23 in Japan. Why does this Capcom game get attention?



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