Bioware’s New IP Is Progressing!

Previously, Bioware already teased us with their new, unannounced intellectual property. Since then, they have progressed a bit.

Back at E3 2014, Bioware announced that a new IP is on the way to be a game. The developer is the Edmonton studio, which has worked on Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age, or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, to name a few.

We previously wrote about how Bioware was out at the GDC with shirts that had the new IP‘s name on them. We didn’t find out what the name is, but still, the team is marching forward with the new IP. Jay Watamaniuk, one of the key writers at Bioware, said this on Twitter: „Things are getting approved. Progress. #secretIP” This tweet means he’s also involved in the project!

The new IP might be closer to be shown to the public than we would think! We wouldn’t be surprised if Bioware drops the bomb on us at Paris Game Week at the PlayStation conference!

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