Rise Of Iron Might Be The Final Destiny DLC?

Destiny developer Bungie has plans with the franchise they launched about two years ago.

So far, three bigger DLCs have arrived for the console-exclusive shooter game. The fourth one, Rise of Iron, is coming on September 20, only on the current-gen consoles, the PS4, and the Xbox One. The Halloween masks, as well as the Sparrow Racing League, will return at the end of October and by December, respectively. The latter will also include new tracks based on the Rise of Iron environments.

What next, though? It looks likely that Bungie will begin a full-fledged development cycle on Destiny 2 because that game should be out by the end of 2017 on current-gen platforms only. The question is, how many players can Destiny grab in the recent times? Overwatch, as well as The Division, which is much closer to Destiny in its genre, have both launched earlier this year. Overwatch got a ton of players in no time, mind you…

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