If You Play World Of Warcraft, Attention!

A singe line of code can cost you dearly in World of Warcraft. A few days ago, a new type of gold/item scam made the rounds. This most recent kind of attack does not only involve social engineering, but it also relies on the misuse of a previously undocumented feature in the WoW interface.

Imagine the following situation: an in-game character that appears to be a member of a popular guild approaches your in-game character and promises to share some cool items, such as rare mounts (animals that you can ride on and which improve your traveling speed), weapons, etc. Most probably, the attacker has neither those items nor a valid code for them. Subsequently, the victim does not receive any valid code and no item at all. The trap: the attacker manages to persuade players to enter one single command line into the chat window.

After typing that code into the chat, the attacker can now remotely control the victim’s interface. This is very similar to behavior usual Trojan horses show on computers – they pose as something useful and then unfold their malicious behavior.

Make sure you’re safe. Read more about this situation on G Data’s website.

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