Rockstar To Be Present At The PlayStation Meeting?

It looks like Rockstar could also reveal a new game in development on September 7 in New York…

Sony‘s program continuously keeps getting more promising: first, we heard that the PlayStation 4 NEO might be first seen in public, then yesterday we saw how a new PlayStation Vita model can get a reveal (its codename is Trinity), and now it looks like a new game announcement is on the horizon, too. If it’s going to be a Matrix game, we wouldn’t be shocked: Project Morpheus (previous name of the PlayStation VR), PS4 NEO, PS Vita Trinity

A reliable insider, Tidux tweeted about this subject with smileys, meaning that Rockstar is possibly one of the participants. If this information is true, then the question stands: what can they reveal? Our guess would be Red Dead Redemption 2 because we heard multiple rumors about this title this year.

We’ll see everything on September 7.

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