Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood – Bringing Terror To Life In VR? [VIDEO]

Supermassive Games with a potential heart attack.

The PlayStation VR-exclusive spin-off is mentioned how it is a result of a lot of research and horror testing. The result? An on-rail, first-person perspective rail shooter. If it weren’t on the PlayStation VR, we’d probably just write it down immediately (remember Rambo in 2014? Same deal, only on the PlayStation 3), but it’s on a new platform; the different approach could reap rewards.

The developers also talk about how they managed to scare a few journalists at unexpected times. It’s a good omen for the PlayStation VR, as Rush of Blood could become one of the killer apps for Sony’s virtual reality headset.

We have yet to see how the players rate the change from the 2015 original, which was a pleasant surprise at the end of the summer last year.

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