Modern Warfare Remastered: Only With Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Together?!

Can Activision pull this sneaky move off – forcing players to own the new, mostly disliked title to launch the classic, favorable old game in its remastered glory?

Jeuxvideo Live asked Activision France about this topic, and the answer is disappointing. Yes, we will have to own Infinite Warfare to play Modern Warfare Remastered.

The digital leech is born: you’ll have to fork at least 80 dollars out to play an updated version of a nine-year-old game if you don’t want to play Call of Duty in space with wall running, etc. There’s one thing that Activision cannot control, though.

That’s the used copies’ sales. Infinite Warfare might end up being resold in just mere days to get Modern Warfare Remastered. There’s no NEW copy sold, and Activision won’t see as much money. Will Activision‘s gun backfire?

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