The Reaper Is Coming For The Wii U, Officially!

Nintendo didn’t keep up the lie for long – they are stopping the manufacturing of the Wii U.

The company’s Japanese site mentions how the Deluxe and the Splatoon bundle versions of the Wii U will see their „production ending soon,” and the other editions of the console were also removed from the page. Two words can say it all, folks: Game Over.

A Nintendo spokesperson told Game Informer that North America received its last stocks of Wii Us to be sold. After they are gone, it will be nigh impossible to find this console in stores as new.

The Wii U was short lived – roughly four years. Even the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube outlived this console. Sure, the Switch is coming in March, but the history can’t be changed: the Wii U failed to keep the success of the Wii U.

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