Bethesda: Cancelling Doom 4 Was The Right Thing

DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, … DOOM. A missing link in the chain.

After the third Doom, Bethesda and id Software slowly started working on the fourth installment, which eventually ended up canned, forcing the devs to go back to the planning board. Their new concepts’ result showed up in May last year.

Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda, has talked with GamesRadar+. In this interview, he explained why they decided to leave the original Doom 4 concept behind.

„With Doom, it was a tipping point that we reached where we looked at it and said, ‘This game is not hitting the marks it needs to hit.’ And it wasn’t just Bethesda, it was id Software coming to us and saying, ‘It’s not that it’s not a good game or an okay game, but it’s just not Doom. It’s veered from the things that we think Doom should be about. It’s not like we were happy about it! We essentially canceled a game, a thing that people had spent a long time working on and we’d spent a lot of money to get to that point and then we started over. We are still a company. We do have to pay salaries and keep the lights on, and it’s not like we take these things lightly or easily. Games are hard to make, and sometimes things happen.”

With Hines’ comments, it’s clear to see that even id Software thought Doom 4 would not have been a great game. Perhaps they are right about the subject…

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