Scalebound: Game Over!

Microsoft canceled PlatinumGames‘ game.

Yesterday, we heard rumors about Scalebound, but a few hours later, Microsoft confirmed that after „careful deliberation,” the production has ended on the game, which was revealed at the 2014 E3 and was in progress for Xbox One and Windows 10. Their official statement continues with the usual self-promotion with upcoming games later this year, which means Hideki Kamiya‘s project was quickly thrown under the bus…

When asked about who owns Scalebound‘s IP, a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN that they „do not comment on the details of their business agreements with partners,” and there were no comments on a possible future MicrosoftPlatinumGames cooperation either.

Meanwhile, Kamiya, who previously created Devil May Cry and Bayonetta just to name a few of his games, has been silent on Twitter for almost two weeks already. He uses this platform a lot.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, says that it was a difficult decision. Microsoft tries to sweep Scalebound under the rug like it never existed – sure, we know that the Xbox One is unsuccessful in Japan (and that’s kind word usage, to say the least), but they shouldn’t treat the Japanese developers like they do so now…

We hope that NieR: Automata will not be PlatinumGames‘ final title. This game cancellation must have hit the devs financially, and they didn’t make any significant AAA games in the past year (only licensed titles via Nickelodeon, like Korra or TMNT…).

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