Uncharted: Issues Around The Script

MOVIE NEWS – What happens if the script writer ends up causing a little conflict?

We know that Joe Carnahan is going to be the standstill-for-years Uncharted movie‘s script writer. The script is going to be R-rated, which means it will be quite an adult project. Carnahan says the characters curse a lot in the games, and they tend to have dirty mouths.

However, going for the R rating isn’t always the best idea. Gore Verbinski couldn’t gather enough money to create an R version of Bioshock, and he didn’t want to make it PG-13, which meant that he quit the project. Guardians of the Galaxy’s director, James Gunn, also couldn’t manage to make an R-rated Hitman film.

What about the script, though? Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog’s one of key personalities said on Twitter that nobody read the script at Naughty Dog, and they don’t know anything about the movie or its tone whatsoever. He’d appreciate if Carnahan stopped implying that he has the complete support of Naughty Dog.

It seems that one of the two parties seem to be way too excited about Nathan Drake, and it’s not Druckmann either…

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