Friday The 13th: Even More Bloody Slaying [VIDEO]

Jason slew a few unfortunate people on the PAX East as well.

IllFonic and Gun Media put together a new trailer for the PAX East – you can see it below our article, but warning, it is quite gruesome to watch. Just to mention one portion of the video: someone’s jaw gets entirely ripped off. There’s even more than that, but we’re not spoiling anything else.

There’s also a brand new Jason Voorhees model introduced, and it was designed by horror legend Tom Savini. It is based on Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell’s events, and it’s the first new model revealed since the 2009 reboot.

The game’s singleplayer and multiplayer segments will be available separately. First, the asymmetric multiplayer (Jason vs. a team of survivors, similar to something like Evolve) arrives shortly on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The story portion of Friday the 13th will follow sometime in the Summer.

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