Total War: Warhammer II: Into The Vortex [VIDEO]

…why does that high elf mage look like Benedict Cumberbatch?

Anyway, the new Warhammer-themed Total War got a two-minute video, where we can see three main characters, but you might ask: aside from the high elves, the dark elves and the lizardfolk, where’s the promised fourth race? Well, they are revealed to an extent: they are called the Skaven.

„Join Game Director Ian Roxburgh as he talks us through a detailed look of the Great Vortex that has swirled for millennia above the elven homeland of Ulthuan. Performing a series of arcane rituals, each race must save or disrupt the Vortex according to their motivations – a struggle culminating in a cataclysmic endgame,” the video’s description says.

Total War: Warhammer II is being developed by Creative Assembly. SEGA will release this game later this year on PC.

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