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REVIEW – The name means quality or lack thereof. I wasn’t disappointed in CI Games’ latest product, who seemed to have the base of the building done nicely, only to make a wooden shed on top of it, which ends up being blown away by a powerful wind. The sniping won’t be a full priced game for nhjtz 5 zu5h 66jkztj …


…oh god, I feel asleep while I was watching a loading screen for four and a half minutes. No, that’s not a joke, the game DOES load for that long. I know that this introduction is unusual, but I don’t care about rules anymore! So what happens when the biiiig, American (of course…) sniper bites the bullet? Well, thirty seconds, give or take. You may ask, what the hell is the PlayStation 4 loading that much? If you thought that the unpatched Lichdom: Battlemage PS4 port was slow to load, here’s someone that dropped the ball altogether. Drink a coffee during loading.


The story has two brothers. One disappears, and the other one goes to find him over the course of four acts. Jonathan North goes to Georgia to look for his brother with a B, C, D, or whateverthefuckletter plot. Yeah, it’s full of clichés – didn’t CI Games say that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was meant to be an AAA title? If they can’t even make the PLOT right, then what makes them think they can reach that level? Remember, originally they were called City Interactive.

There are three categories of weapons in the game. The primary category is obviously for sniper rifles. The second one has the shotguns, machineguns and assault rifles, and the third one contains basic, last resort sidearms like pistols. You can make a lot of loadout variations for your adventures (yes, intentional word usage: there are side missions, too), and you can also tune your weapons as well with things like a silencer or bigger ammunition clip. There are other items in your inventory, too: gadgets like a remote controlled C4 detonator, throwable knives, and a silencer repair kit along multiple types of grenades – you can only take eight with you total!


The hardest difficulty level, where you have no HUD and just temporary enemy location showing, is where you’d appreciate the also upgradable drone the most. You can look around with it, hack some terminals (lol?), and mark your enemies’ locations as well. If you want to use it more than usual, you can upgrade its battery life or give it some camouflage. If you want safety, you can improve its ability to find the bad guys. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 can provide some variety, but what about the physics? Well, guess what: the sniping is actually fun.

You have to look for the wind’s strength and direction, as well as the distance, while also setting up your sniper rifle to hit your target. On easier difficulty levels, you also get a laser pointer to make your shot easy, so if you have never played previous Sniper Ghost Warrior titles (to which 3 has no relation to the plot of the other two), you can still play it.


The game is ugly, and the animations also show some memories of the City Interactive era. If you look at the obligatory bullet camera angle, you’ll notice that visually, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is… weak, almost appalling, which doesn’t explain the weak frame rate. Slower: Sleep Loader 4. I forgot how the audios sounded (the voice acting was average). Here’s the ending, so you don’t have to buy the game, I’ll say why not under the video:


Aside from the brainwashed brother (come to Hungary then, you’d absolutely fit in!), the sometimes too empty areas and the close combat ruin the experience. Technically, the game is a mess; it has a lot of glitches, including unlimited XP, which I will not link, find it yourself.

The only reason I give this game a 5.5 is that the sniping is enjoyable (without it, it’d be lucky to get a 4), but everything else still has that City Interactive vibe. Don’t buy it for more than ten bucks. Go and play Sniper Elite 4, you can do some headshots there as well.



+ It’s fun to snipe
+ I could have breakfast while the game loaded
+ A lot of weapons


– First, I wrote here so many things that could get me fired, so let’s say it’s buggy…
– You can have breakfast while it loads
– It’s still on the City Interactive level

Publisher: City Interactive, CI Games, Deep Silver

Developer: CI Games

Genre: First-Person, Shooter, Tactical, Action

Release date: April 25, 2017

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 5.5
Story - 5.2
Music/Audio - 5.8
Ambiance - 5



City Interactive! Bananas!

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