When Will Shadow Warrior 2 Launch On Consoles? [VIDEO]

Wang makes the jump from PC to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Finally.

Shadow Warrior 2 was a pleasant game last autumn, but we only knew that Devolver Digital would publish the console ports at a later date. Until now, the release date was mostly a question mark (Spring 2017, but no more exact than that), but it got confirmed, although not by the publisher or the developer.

The Official UK PlayStation Magazine has listed Shadow Warrior 2‘s PlayStation 4 (and probably the Xbox One) version with a May 16 release date (via WCCFTech), and the console ports will include all current updates and DLCs.

That’s funny: we’re less than a week away from the launch, and if this date is legit, then Devolver, or the developers, Flying Wild Hog, will have to confirm the date very soon. The game was enjoyable on PC; we’re eager to see how it performs on PlayStation 4.

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