The Gold PlayStation 4 Slim Was Not A Fake

It looks like Sony wasn’t joking around.

Previously, we wrote about how the PlayStation 4 Slim could be getting a gold color variant. However, back then, we doubted if it was a legitimate leak, but now, Reddit user Sliye, who works at US retailer Target, has shown pictures of its box. According to him, it will also cost 250 dollars. He also said that the console would launch on June 9! The joke here is that Sony doesn’t seem interested in officially confirming the gold PS4 Slim’s existence…

Seeing how US Best Buy already has a golden DualShock 4 available for 65 dollars, making a console painted in a similar color would make perfect sense for Sony.

When will the PlayStation 4 Pro get the same coat of paint? Also, when will Europe get the PS4 Slim? (250 dollars? Not too shabby…)

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