Bethesda’s E3 Program Leaked?!

Starfield? Wait, what…?

Mic, based on a 4chan topic, has put together a list of potential Bethesda Game Studios announcements for their E3 conference. Seeing how the Nintendo Switch event from January was leaked almost perfectly, we should not take it with a mountain of salt. Let’s quote the post: „There will be a few announcements at E3. One is a new major title from Bethesda themselves as well. The two major announcements are Fallout 4 VR and Starfield. They are working on Skyrim VR as well, but they aren’t sure if they are going to show it yet since they don’t want to take the light away from Fallout 4 VR or Starfield.

Onto Starfield. The game has been in conceptual stages since around Fallout 3’s release. It went into pre-production officially very low-tier pre-production after Skyrim’s Release. After Fallout 4’s release, it went into full pre-production, and after all the DLC was out, they sped into full development. The game is going to be a sci-fi open world RPG in typical Bethesda first person fashion. It’s going to feature five to 10 races. There’s still some debate on what should and shouldn’t go in and takes place in the Fallout universe just so far in the future and far away from Earth that it’ll only be mentioned in hints.

This is part of an ongoing planned interconnected universe of every Bethesda franchise. They gave hints of this by implying the Brotherhood of Steel created nirnroot in Fallout 4. They’re getting a little wacky with the lore and using “Elder Scrolls time wounds” to justify lore inconsistencies. Fallout is the beginning of the timeline, Starfield is the middle, and Elder Scrolls is Far Future. The game will feature space travel and hub worlds as well as RNG worlds. It’s meant to be a test into more sandbox/Minecraft-ish AAA thing but with Bethesda gameplay and still actual designed worlds/quests/etc.

They have another Fantasy game of a famous franchise in the works. Game of Thrones and pre-production Elder Scrolls VI and conceptual for Elder Scrolls VII, which is Todd’s Magnum Opus.”

If this post is legitimate, all we can say is WOW. And there may be other announcements, such as The Evil Within 2!


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