[E3 2017] Vampyr: Dr. Reid’s E3 Walkthrough [VIDEO]

Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment provided a gameplay walkthrough for no less than ten minutes at E3.

Even though Vampyr is in just an alpha state (which is clearly stated in the upper left corner), the developers of Remember Me and Life is Strange still seem to be on the right path for a large success, especially if we consider the morale question. As a doctor, we took an oath to help people from dying, but as a vampire, we are forced to kill them to survive, as well as keep our supernatural skills active. The question, as in which person needs to be put down, should be having an effect on the outcome of

Vampyr. (From this video, we cannot judge, which is understandable.)
Vampyr is out in November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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