[E3 2017] Dead Alliance: It’s Like Umbrella Corps, Without Resident Evil [VIDEO]

Another, not even a month ago announced game was brought by Maximum Games to E3.

Maximum Games, Psyop Games, and Illfonic are working together on a multiplayer FPS called Dead Alliance, which was announced at the end of May, and it also received a new trailer for E3. It’s a team-based shooter where zombies aren’t just enemies, as you can switch them to work on your side with the help of zMods to claim victory.

On Gematsu, a commenter brought up a good point: why does the Dead Alliance trailer use the loading music from Battlefield 3? (It’s still a better situation than in Hungary, where a TV station straight up uses a song from Battlefield 1942.)

Dead Alliance will be available from August 29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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