Injustice 2 Adds A Mortal Kombat Character

What a surprise (not): NetherRealm is cross-promoting two of its fighting games.

Ed Boon, the game’s creative director, revealed on Twitter that the second character of the 20-dollar Fighters Pack 1 DLC, namely Sub-Zero, will launch on July 11. Ed Boon has revealed the date with a reference to Game of Thrones: „Winter is coming… in July.” In case you own the DLC or have Injustice 2’s Deluxe or Ultimate version, you will get one of the Mortal Kombat veterans for free in just a few weeks.

Next up on the chopping block is Starfire, probably in August, seeing how the fighting game with the DC characters got a new character each month. (NetherRealm hasn’t confirmed this information yet, though.)

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