Nioh: Defiant Honor DLC Is Out Today, New Trailer [VIDEO]

Team Ninja’s successful game expands further.

The action-RPG was a surprise even for Team Ninja, and seeing how it’s exclusive on PlayStation 4 at the moment, also pushed Sony’s sales high. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to see Nioh, which is based on 17th century Japanese history with real characters and events, do not deal with just basic post-game content – such as costumes -, as it is hugely successful throughout the world.

The new DLC, Defiant Honor, got a new, Japanese language video, where you can see pretty much everything that it contains. There is also a brand new trailer right at the end.

The siege of Osaka’s castle is now up to you. How will you solve it? The DLC should be available on the PlayStation Store by the time you read us.

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