Dead Rising 5 Leaked? Back To Basics?

Even though Dead Rising 4 has not hit the target (perhaps Capcom shouldn’t have released the game on PC and Xbox One only…), there’s a possibility that Capcom is already working on the fifth game!

The batch of alleged information showed up on 4Chan, which was taken over by Gamepur. Apparently, early began production back in late 2015, and Capcom Vancouver, the developers of 3 and 4, was done with the Dead Rising franchise after 3, but Capcom forced them to put together 4 for the tenth anniversary, using mostly old assets. It’s just called Dead Rising at the moment, and it wouldn’t be a reboot, but a complete return to form, effectively resetting the franchise, about 25 years after the first game, which would explain why nobody returns – Frank West is regularly mentioned, though. The protagonist would be a photojournalism student named Jack, infamous for his conspiracy theories that he writes in the college paper. He sees the outbreak as an opportunity to win big, so he tries to get „the scoop.” The location would be a college town with three separate sectors: the college, the town, and a mall.

Gameplay wise, the new game would be very similar to the original Dead Rising. The time limit makes a return, and players will have to give up on certain side quests/pick and choose what to do. Still, a 100% in a single playthrough is possible, but only at higher levels. Psychos are back, very and they would be normal people who have gone insane instead of flamboyant/sexualized/cartoony villains.

Dead Rising 4 would not be canon in this game’s timeline. Willamette is referenced heavily as still being gated off after the events of the first game. Photography returns, as well as the ability to question and interrogate certain characters – this mechanic is mostly used in the story. Survivor escorts would also come back, but with an intelligent AI, plus they only take up about half of the side missions, the other half goes into investigatory work and lore.

If these are true, the back to basics approach could work. IF they are true.

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