Final Fantasy XV on PC Confirmed Early 2018 [VIDEO]

A first trailer shows the graphic improvements of this Japanese action adventure and role-playing game.

Square Enix has just announced what many fans hoped for months: Final Fantasy XV will go on sale on PC in early 2018, and the Japanese studio celebrates the announcement with a trailer showing the technical improvements that this action adventure and role playing will sport.

This version of FF XV will be available in Windows 10, Steam and Origin and display textures at a resolution 4K, introduce Dolby Atmos, and apply important visual improvements on settings and character modeling, with a more realistic recreation of the flora of the Natural landscapes that we will explore or the hair itself of the protagonists. They will also improve the effects of lighting, the recreation of fire and smoke, or the shadows cast by the characters.

As for the contents, Final Fantasy XV will be released on PC with all the DLC released to date, which means that from the beginning the fans will have access to expansions in its history and also multiplayer.

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